Peach fuzz with big plans


It’s been a hot and dry season. Smoky too. Wildfires are going rampage in our beautiful province. We haven’t seen rain since mid-June in the Similkameen but fortunately this weather has been good for the crops. Up at 5-5:30am every day, I make my way to a peach orchard. A crew of 10-15 help get the crop off. We have an awesome team, working hard and laughing just as hard.  Once we are finished for the day, I head home and help out on my family’s farm. We grow a lot of different goodies, from tree fruits to ground crops. Even though it gets tiring some days and we do get a lil’ grumpy,  I’m happy that I get to spend my days outside.


Summer keeps me busy working everyday and I don’t get much time off for anything else. I’m not complaining, I like the pay. Because long distance hiking is out of the equation during the summer months, last fall I started looking for a trail I could enjoy during the off season. A few taps and clicks bring up a decent amount of info about Te Araora, a long distance trail. I read a few blogs and found photos on Instagram. This is it. I could hike during our winter months… in New Zealand. The 3000 km thru-hike trail extends from Cape Reinga in the North Island to Bluff in the South Island and takes 5 months in average to complete. I shared the idea with kisa and she was down for it, which got us both excited. Ever since then we have been talking, planning and researching about TA. We have told some family members, friends and teachers about our endeavour. Some were excited but most were concerned, which is definitely motivating Kisa and I to cross the finish line.

– Sara





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