A Giant’s Head


With only one month to go until our flight to New Zealand, we packed some of our gear and stuffed it in our packs. Kisa and I had the afternoon off of work and had made plans to go hike this one trail in celebration of Kisa’s birthday. When we arrived at the trailhead we were welcomed by a locked gate. Disappointed but not discouraged, we came up with plan B.  After a forty minute car ride and a few wrong turns, we arrived at the bottom of Giant’s Head Mountain. The purpose of the hike was to try out our new trekking poles which neither of us have used in the past. My pack weighed about 21lbs including 3 litres of water, which is overkill for this short ascent but I wanted the weight. I have to admit that Kisa and I probably looked a little out of place carrying our big backpacks on a 1.6km trek to the top. Not only did we look funny with our gear but I had forgotten to remove the bear bell off my pack that was originally intended for the other trail. Jingle, jingle… all the way up. And down.

Braking in the new poles


I’m happy to report that the poles felt good in my hands. The grip felt secure and comfortable but we both definitely need a few more outings to master the use of trekking poles.

Sitting on Giant's Head

Till next time…

– Sara


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