Te Araroa – Cape Reinga


Day one.

October 20th, 2017

Harrison’s Cape Runner was our transportation for the day. As we were waiting for the bus to pick us up at our hostel around nine o’clock, kisa and I (Sara) found a soccer ball to entertain ourselves with. When the bus arrived, we had the chance to meet the man behind the wheel. An older man with a great sense of humour and Robin Collins, was his name. This man was the best tour guide we’ve ever had, he had a kind smile on his face, he was polite and ohhh how he liked his own jokes. 


A few more tourists needed to be picked up before we got going. The first official stop in our tour was a washroom break with a spectacular view of the Pacific ocean. The water was crystal clear and the surroundings were full of green lush trees. There was a beach with sand so white 

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Bussing to Kaitaia


October 19th, 2017

We rose out of bed at 5am, showered and finished loading little things into our packs.  That morning our final destination was Kaitaia. At 6:20am we boarded the train and headed to the Britomart Station in Auckland. We strolled through the city making our way to the Sky City Bus Terminal behind the Sky Tower to catch our first bus ride. We gave our packs to the driver, climbed aboard and crammed into the very back. I (Kisa) sat next to this guy and Sara sat by the aisle. Our bus was headed north to Kerikeri.

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Prepping in Auckland


October 18th, 2017

Today, we woke up at around noon, Canadian time that is. After we showered,  got ourselves fed, organized and we started our journey to town. The train ride to Auckland put us off to a good start. Leeann and her two kids came with us, which was quite nice, since we didn’t know where anything was. Annika and I (Kisa) marched hand-in-hand off the train and raced up the stairs against Sara. We won! We then, waltzed down the street, looked in all the shop windows and noticed a McDonald’s. I instantly thought of my brother Jai and I sent him a photo via text. 

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New Zealand bound


October 15th, 2017

SARA: The whole week before our departure, I felt excited, nervous and scared. Scared of not being prepared enough, scared of being away from my family for so long, scared of the unknown. I was riding an emotional roller coaster. Despite all of my worries, I knew I wanted to do this. To grow as a person and experience this journey away from home.

Here we are, October 15th, having a delicious breakfast with family friends (from Vancouver) who had kindly let my fam and I stay overnight. We get ready, say our goodbyes and drive to YVR as international travellers are expected to arrive and check-in three hours ahead of their scheduled flight. So, here I sit on a bench with my freshly printed ticket in my hand, waiting for Kisa to make her appearance…

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