Bussing to Kaitaia


October 19th, 2017

We rose out of bed at 5am, showered and finished loading little things into our packs.  That morning our final destination was Kaitaia. At 6:20am we boarded the train and headed to the Britomart Station in Auckland. We strolled through the city making our way to the Sky City Bus Terminal behind the Sky Tower to catch our first bus ride. We gave our packs to the driver, climbed aboard and crammed into the very back. I (Kisa) sat next to this guy and Sara sat by the aisle. Our bus was headed north to Kerikeri.

Auckland to Kaitaia

After a while we stopped for a 30 minute stretch and pee break at a little café and restroom area. The view from the bus window was stunning. New Zealand is full of green fields and forests that feature many different trees that were new to us and so far we have probably seen more cows than sheep, but who’s counting?



When we arrived in Kerikeri we had to wait for about 20 minutes for the bus transfer to Kaitaia. As we waited, we pranced to the other side of the road to admire an intricate rock sculpture. A few moments later, the bus appeared and eventually, we were dropped off in the small town named Kaitaia. On our short walk to our hostel a few locals said “Welcome to Kaitaia”, how sweet! The Backpackers Hostel was operated by new owners and they were very hospitable. They gave us a tour of the property and snapped a picture of us as we were their first guests, ever.






Once in our room, we made ourselves at home and devoured our lunch. We walked around, went in a few store and browsed the town a little more. Our hostel isn’t equipped with internet/wifi yet as they had just recently opened, so we decided to go buy a drink at the nearby KFC and use their free wifi to message our family as we knew we wouldn’t have any cell service for the next few days. The employees were nice and we chatted a bit.That evening we hung out in our room and read through our trail notes and studied the maps.


  • Best thing today: Driving through the stunning landscape.
  • Worst thing today: Nah, it was a good day.


– Kisa + Sara



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