Te Araroa – Cape Reinga


Day one.

October 20th, 2017

Harrison’s Cape Runner was our transportation for the day. As we were waiting for the bus to pick us up at our hostel around nine o’clock, kisa and I (Sara) found a soccer ball to entertain ourselves with. When the bus arrived, we had the chance to meet the man behind the wheel. An older man with a great sense of humour and Robin Collins, was his name. This man was the best tour guide we’ve ever had, he had a kind smile on his face, he was polite and ohhh how he liked his own jokes. 


A few more tourists needed to be picked up before we got going. The first official stop in our tour was a washroom break with a spectacular view of the Pacific ocean. The water was crystal clear and the surroundings were full of green lush trees. There was a beach with sand so white it could be snow and so fine it could be flour. It was stunning. We had never seen or felt sand like this before.


Once everyone was back at the bus, we headed towards the bay where we ate the lunch provided by the tour company. Everyone munched on crackers, sandwiches, cookies, coffee and tea. During the tour, a girl name Caroline hung out with us. She’s a 19 year old from Germany and works in New Zealand as an Au Pair. Sweet Caroline gave us her number and kindly invited us to come visit her. Robin the bus driver, had a whole repertoire of jokes like this one. “On your left you will see a different kind of cow. They’re called Summer cows. Summer white, summer brown and summer black.” We laughed and he did too, of course.

CAPE REINGA! We were excited to arrive at Cape Reinga, where the official Te Araroa south bound trail begins. Without hesitation we put on our jackets. The sun had vanished as the clouds appeared and it looked like it was going to rain. We wished Robin a good day and thanked him for the memories. From there, we walked with Caroline to the lighthouse. She took pictures of us on our phone and we did the same for her. After a few minutes of looking out at the crashing waves of the two waters, Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea, we headed back to the beginning of the trail. Caroline gave us a hug and we said goodbye.






We met two other hikers before leaving the lighthouse, Sarah and Felix we think their names were. The trek started out amazingly beautiful. With excitement we tramped through a big grassy hill and then we reached the beach. We walked through water, grassy hills and on sand again before we got a little lost. I (Kisa) was following footprints assuming they were on the trail too but they mislead us. Sara checked her GPS which helped us find our way back on the trail.






It seems to take forever to walk across the beach but four hours later we finally made it to Twilight Camp where we set up for the night. Three European campers were there already and we knew of two more, Australians, trailing behind us.



  • Best thing today: Everything from the tour, starting the trail and arriving at the campsite.
  • Worse thing today: It looks like it was going to rain but it didn’t 🙂


– Sara + Kisa



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