Ninety Mile Beach


Day two

October 21st, 2017

Everyone at camp was up by 6:30am. We quickly ate, packed up our gear, folded our tent and hit the trail by 7:45am. One of the girls at camp, named Yvonne who is from Switzerland, left five minutes after us and Ben (from somewhere) left five minutes after her.



At first, we were on a little green hill. At the top I could see our campsite, the ocean and the beach. Here, kisa took off her pullover puffy. The other two caught up to us and we walked the beach together. Not long after, Ben stopped for a snack but we went on. Shortly after Yvonne stopped too and it was back to only Kisa and I (Sara). The next campsite is 28 km away. It doesn’t sound too long, but it sure felt like it. Our feet began to ache from walking on the wet compact sand.



At 11:15am we stopped and ate peanut butter wraps. They weren’t bad considering I’m (Sara) usually not a huge peanut butter fan. After the snack and a rest, we got back at it. Although the Ninety Mile Beach is beautiful it becomes quite monotone after a while. Hiking many kilometers of the same never ending view made it feel like you aren’t making any progress.


There was about 6km left and we started seeing 4 x 4, bikers, and quads zooming by on the beach. We were envious of them. 2km left to our day, the sun came out for a little while. It was nice because it had been a cloudy day.

Yvonne walked the last bit with us to Maunganui Bluff campsite and the first thing we did was stretch. Our feet, calfs, hips, back, and shoulders were sore and all the other hikers were feeling the same. We got our tent up, laid inside for an hour and then went out to stretch our legs some more. Dinner was dehydrated Pad Thai, which was not the best. We then hung out with the same bunch of hikers as the previous night, before going to bed.


  • Best thing today: Getting to camp.
  • Worst thing today: Not seeing the progress.


– Sara + Kisa




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