Ninety Mile Beach… some more


Day four

October 23rd, 2017

Today sucked. It was cold and rained all day which resulted in us being thoroughly soaked. About two hours into our morning hike, my knee started to hurt again and I could barely walk. There was only 20km left to the end of the beach but couldn’t take the pain any longer. We stopped a couple driving on the beach and they kindly drove us to Ahipara Holiday Park, which marks the end of the beach section. It felt like cheating.

This place had cabins for hire (rent in nz) and wifi but we had arrived a couple of hours too early and the cabins weren’t ready for check-in. We decided to use their shower facilities while we waited for ours. Kisa found showers and interestingly enough, she informed me that they were for both genders. I (Sara) was a bit skeptical but Kisa insisted. She hopped in the shower first and as I was getting my stuff sorted out, a couple of guys came in and left. Kisa finished and a third person came in and he told me that this was the men’s showers. I was so embarrassed but we all laughed about the situation.


Once we were handed the keys to our cabin, I FaceTimed my mom. It was nice to hear he voice and see her face. I told her about my knee and I sobbed. I was angry, upset and frustrated with myself. Also, I felt bad for Kisa who has to deal with an emotional stress basket. After the call and a nap, I noticed that my ankle was swollen too. I took more ibuprofen to help with the pain and swelling. A while later, we ate a pack of dehydrated Mexican food and played cards in the common area, where we also visited with our hiking buddies and chatted a bit. Now, I lay in the bed holding back tears.


  • Best thing today: Hanging out in the men’s showers. wink wink
  • Worst thing today: Feeling like a wreck.


FUN FACT: The 90 Mile Beach section of Te Araroa is actually 62 miles or 100 kilometres.


– Sara





  1. Sara don’t feel bad about the showers. I had a similar experience in Yellowknife. Hopefully your guys were cuter than mine. Lol.

    Looks like you ladies are having an awesome time.

  2. Hi girls – are you going ok? I have loved your posting and worry how you are. Injury is never part of the plan! All the best – TIffany ( a Mum in Devonport, Auckland.

    1. Hello Mum Tiffany! We are doing well and still explore your beautiful country. We are working on more blog posts but wifi connection hasn’t been the best. Thanks for the kind words.
      Take care!
      Sara + Kisa

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