Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri


Day six

October 25th, 2017

We met Andy at the bus stop this morning. We were all headed to Kerikeri at 8am to start the trail again. Once on the bus, Andy ranted about some other hiker that he had met on the Ninety Mile Beach. He was quite animated with his story and we were amused.

When we arrived in Kerikeri, we still had a full day ahead of us. We needed to get rid of our big packs and so we decided to trek down to Hone Heke Lodge, which was only 15 minutes from where the bus had dropped us off. We were told that this hostel was really good. Unfortunately, once we arrived, the owner informed us that the place was fully booked but he generously offered us a ride to Kerikeri Holiday Park. We accepted cheerfully. He also gave us chocolate when he dropped us off. Like seriously, Kiwis are the best!


Sara and I (Kisa) checked in, quickly set up the tent and ditched our stuff before heading to town. Our first stop was Café Blue, where we had yummy sandwiches. Sara recommends anything with avocados. Once our bellies were satisfied, we went to the Unichem pharmacy as I (Sara) wanted to purchase insoles. A nice lady helped me choose the right pair and instantly my feet felt better.


From there we made our way to the Stone Store. It was built in 1832 and is New Zealand’s oldest stone building, housing a small museum and shop. Behind the Stone Store we crossed a small bridge and followed the Kerikeri River track. The path is surrounded by beautiful trees. On this track we admired the Wharepuke Falls and the the 27 metre tall Rainbow Falls. Truly stunning scenery. It looks like you could walk behind it but we didn’t venture too far as it was very slippery and we didn’t want to aggravate the knee injury.

Wharepuke Falls
Rainbow Falls
Rainbow Falls

After spending some time at the waterfalls, we took the main road back to town. Kisa wanted to buy sunglasses at the pharmacy and I bought deo for my b.o. Back at the campsite we had a late lunch and then we headed to the supermarket to purchase something to go with our lentils for dinner. All the things we wanted they didn’t have. We gave up and bought chives. Not sure what we were thinking, it was awful but we ate it anyway. Tomorrow we will leave Kerikeri and walk to Paihia on Te Araroa trail, hopefully all goes well.

  • Best thing today: Rainbow Falls.
  • Worst thing today: Definitely dinner.


– Kisa + Sara



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