Sleep disturbance with a side of fish and chips


Day seven

October 26th, 2017

I couldn’t see much as my eyes were half asleep and my back end was still in the tent. On all fours, I shone my headlamp around but all I (Kisa) could see was my underwear swaying in the breeze. I thought maybe a bird had gotten caught in our clothes we had left outside to dry but the screeching sounds weren’t coming from there. It was 1am and the rumpus needed to stop. All we wanted was to go back to bed. Finally, the commotion ended and we fell asleep only to be woken up at least ten more times. Could the noises be possums?

Morning came and I woke up. Even though the night had been crazy, I felt rested and thought for sure that I had slept in. Instead of waking Sara up or checking the clock, I laid in my sleeping bag, with eyes wide open thinking that maybe we had slept through the alarm. When Sara sat up, we checked the time and it was only 7am. The alarm wasn’t going to beep for another thirty minutes. As neither of us could wait for the alarm we decided to get up and start the day. As we stood outside packing our gear, we saw Andy doing the same. Before he was ready to head out, we chatted about the noises that kept us up during the wee hours and Andy confirmed that it was possums fighting. Yikes!


We had to make our way to the Stone Store (like yesterday) to start the trail towards Paihia. We were excited to be back on Te Araroa and I (Sara) was crossing my fingers that the injury was just a small set back and we could resume our adventure with what looked like an easy day ahead of us. After a long trek, we entered a forest. There were many forks on the road and some confusing arrows nailed to trees. We had a few confusing moments and took several wrong turns. Kisa isn’t the best navigator, trust me! But she would probably deny this fact. Haha! Finally an old guy, who was running, pointed us in the right direction. Once we reached the exit of the forestry road, we spotted Andy taking a break on a rock off to the side. It turns out that he had taking many detours as well, which made it possible for us to catch up to him.

This was an easy 23km *track with a few uphills and downhills. Nothing strenuous but I (Sara) felt stabbing pain in my knee early on. I’m glad I had hiking poles with me. They saved me from falling on my face the times that my knee gave out.


When we arrived at the YHA, a hostel in Paihia, we checked in and had a shower. It had been a hot day and we were smelly. Soon after, we walked around town a bit and went to Vinnie’s *Takeaways for fish and chips. The food was tasty. For the rest of the day, we hung out at the hostel and I iced my knee. Andy had more stories for us and I swear they got even more entertaining as he went on.

  • Best thing today: Fish and chips.
  • Worst thing today: Not enough room in our bellies for more fish and chips.

*  New words we have learned: 

  • track / trail         
  • takeaways / fast food
  • for takeaway / to go



Kisa + Sara



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