Paihia again


October 28th, 2017

Ear plugs saved the night. At one point one of the earplugs fell out and I heard the snoring so I quickly stuck it back in my ear and all was good again. Kisa wore her headphones so she could sleep. When morning came, we extended our stay to another night because our bus to Auckland didn’t leave until the next day. We were switched into a girls/guys 8 bed room. There was only one guy in our room. His name is Will and he is from Texas. He really liked his computer and stayed in the room all day.


Andy was excited to leave today. We wished him good luck and said goodbye. For lunch, Kisa and I went back to Vinnie’s for fish and chips and met another couple from the United States who were thru hiking Te Araroa. The weather was nice and hot so we headed to the beach. While enjoying our ice-cream, we sat down and somehow managed to get sand everywhere. I mean, everywhere! We came back in and after dinner we relaxed a bit and played cards. We noticed, Winnie, a Chinese girl who was travelling solo, sitting by herself. She had nobody else to hang out with so we asked her if she wanted to join us on a walk, she smiled and said yes. We ended up at the beach once again. She showed us pictures and videos of the tour she had been on earlier in the day. She saw dolphins, penguins and seals. We also talked about the difference in healthcare between Canada and the US and how Trump is very nutty, to put it mildly.

Back at the hostel, we sat with Winnie, Nic and the 18-year-old guy (I forget his name). After a while there was only Sara, Nic and I left at the table and we convinced Sara to go to the bar with us and live a little. The bar was two buildings down from our hostel and on the way, Henrick from Germany joined our group.  Sitting at a table we met another guy. His name was Andy too and he was from Austria. Funny enough, he remembered seeing us walking on our way to Paihia and we recognized him as well. He was riding a motorbike and had talked to us that day. It was cool to see him again. At 10pm it was getting too late for us party animals so we headed to bed.

  • Best thing today: Hanging out with Winnie.
  • Worst thing today: Sand in my pants.


– Kisa + Sara




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