October 27th, 2017

This was another interesting night for us. We are staying in an 8 bed all girls room and I (Sara) was on a bottom bunk. I’m pretty sure the girl on the top bunk, was sleep talking in German. She sounded like she might of been arguing. A second roommate was snoring surprisingly loud. I had never heard a woman snore like that before and there was another girl making weird noises with her mouth. It sounded like she was eating something in her dream. Haha, I wonder what embarrassing thing I do in my sleep?

When morning came, Kisa and I hurried out and went for a little stroll in Paihia. We sat on the beach and watched the view for a while. The breeze was soft and the sun felt nice against our faces. On our way back to the hostel, we stopped in a few shops and browsed around. We saw lots of cute stuff and some interesting things too. How about possum fur Nipple and Willy warmers? Anyone?!! After a good laugh we each ordered a yummy hot chocolate at EL Café.



Later on in the day, we noticed that Andy’s favourite ‘hiker guy’ was in our hostel once again. We told Andy but he didn’t believe us and he bolted over to where a staff member was standing and asked him if it was true. Andy got his answer and shook his head in disbelief. Sara and I (Kisa) eventually started preparing our dinner. Once ready, we munched on our couscous and chicken quesadillas. While we ate, we watched Andy being followed by the ‘hiker guy’. We cleaned our dishes and sat at a table away from everyone and played cards. Andy was sitting at a different table with some other people including the ‘hiker guy’ who was sitting so close to Andy that he could probably feel his breath. I don’t know if this guy understands the concept of personal space. Andy would occasionally look over in our direction in hopes that we would help him. A little while later, it looked like the ‘hiker guy’ was heading to his room and we watched Andy and the 18-year-old German who works at the hostel sprint out of the place to escape and left this French guy named Nic to fend for himself.  So, I invited him to sit our table and he played cards with us. He told us stories of his hometown, his travels and the many people he met.  Nic was very nice and funny. All was going well until the ‘hiker guy’ joined our table and everyone instantly got the feeling they wanted to leave. I asked him one question about his trip and his response took 20 minutes to long. By then he was giving us a lecture on how to hike. Nic could tell we weren’t interested in listening so he showed Sara his phone and tried to flash it at me. I couldn’t break eye contact with the ‘hiker guy’ by politeness and probably because I’m Canadian. After he was done talking, we suddenly got up and announced that we were tired and going to bed. Once in our room, Sara told me what Nic had written on his phone “Don’t worry, just keep smiling”, ha ha!


Because of my injuries, we will head back to Auckland and stay with family friends until we make new plans.


  • Best thing today: Meeting new people and our tasty dinner. The quesadillas were the best food we have cooked so far. 
  • Worst thing today: Eight people room.


– Kisa + Sara



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