It’s cold in here

October 29, 2017

The bus driver had the air conditioning on full blast. It looked like all the passengers were freezing and couldn’t wait to get off that bus. Brrr. Once in Auckland, we grabbed our backpacks and waited for the train to bring us home. A staff member at the station asked where we were going. He probably heard us lightly arguing about which train was ours. Kisa thought we had to wait for the next one but the worker confirmed that it was the first train. Finally, we arrived home. We visited with our hosts, devoured pieces of pesto and veggie pizzas and watched the first episode of Stranger Things 2. While we were watching the show, Nic messaged us and asked if we wanted to go hang out with him, British Andy and Hendrick. We politely declined and said we were visiting with Justin and Leeann at home. Earlier that day, we said goodbye to Nic and Henrick and they called us ‘Farm Girls” and teased us for leaving the bar and going to bed early last night. Thanks guys! 🙂


– Kisa + Sara

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