Mount Eden


October 31st, 2017

Sitting at the top of Mount Eden, we had a good view of Auckland. It was a nice day and the tourists were out. It was a short easy walk to the top. Mount Eden is also known as Maungawhau in Māori and it means Mountain of the whau tree. It is one of the 48 volcanic cones in a area which is considered dormant. Mount Eden is Auckland’s highest natural point and its crater is sacred. We secretly wished we could play roll down the grassy hills.



After our short trek to Mount Eden we made our way back to the train station and headed to the city to meet Leanne and the kiddos. They were at the Shore City shopping centre in Takapuna, a coastal suburb of Auckland. Today was Halloween and Leanne  and her kids were trick-or-treating at the mall. Halloween isn’t big in New Zealand but LeeAnn said it is slowly gaining popularity every year. Annika was dressed up as Ariel the Disney princess and it was her first time trick-or-treating. We walked around the store with her to collect candy. When the kids were all done with the Halloween fun we went to the beach and Justin got fish and chips for all of us to share. We sat and watch the waves while we ate. It was a good day.



– Sara





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