Hot Water Beach and Cathedral Cove


November 3rd, 2017

We were at the bus stop 45 minutes early. The only other eager beaver was a guy standing not far from us. He proceeded to speak to us in German and he quickly realized that we didn’t understand a word he said. We get mistaken for Germans all the time, it’s funny. After a long wait, the bus arrived. The driver guide was friendly and had interesting info about the places we drove through. The first stop was the supermarket PAK’nSAVE for everyone to get food. We were in there for maybe 30 minutes and then made our way to Hot Water Beach Top 10 Holiday Park, checked in, dropped off our packs and headed out to explore. The first place we went to was Hot Water Beach. This beach is popular for its hot water springs located in a small area facing a rocky outcrop. Beach goers can dig large holes into the sand, within two hours either side of low tide, allowing hot water to emerge from beneath the sand. We’ve been told that the underground water can be very hot. Because the place was crowded, we didn’t stay long. I watched Kisa step in a few holes. They were warm but not hot. We were probably not close enough to the heated area.



We moved on and headed to Cathedral Cove in the Coromandel Peninsula. The bus stopped at a car park and we grabbed our day packs to start our short hike through the WWI Memorial Forest. It was full of beautiful lush trees and shrubs.



Soon after we made our descend into the cove. A beautiful beach and rocks standing in the clear blue waters, welcomed us. The gigantic rock archway, as seen in ‘The Chronicles of Narnia’, invites visitors to walk through and snap photos. The views were quite impressive. 




As we made our way back to the hostel, dinner time was fast approaching. Once there, we cooked our food and played cards for quite a while. Kisa and I, were one of the first to sit outside at a picnic table but every other traveller on our bus tour, sat elsewhere. We are the new kids in the group and we definitely look different. Most girls have full face makeup on and are wearing nice clothes. Then there’s us, sporting our very limited  hiking wardrobe. We stick out in an odd way but I (Sara) don’t mind.


– Sara + Kisa






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