Geysers, Waterfalls and a Sailboat


November 6th, 2017

This morning the nice people of the Tamaki Māori Village provided us with breakfast; toast, fruit, yogurt, etc. We had to be in the bus ready to go at 9:15am. A guy named Joe was a few minutes late. Our bus driver makes the tardy people read a section of Fifty Shades of Grey. Most of us would be embarrassed to read it aloud in front of a bunch of strangers but Joe got really into it, which was hilarious.



We headed towards a place called Te Puia in Rotorua. Te Puia spans seventy acres and is bubbling with geothermal activity. This place produces so much steam, it felt like you were in the clouds. Te Puia is also home to hot springs, silica terraces, bubbling mineral rich mud pools and some other pools in which the Māori cooked in and used as remedies for centuries. Our guide boiled eggs in one of the pools for all to snack on.

During the tour, we learned about Māori architecture, the people and the culture and Māori arts and crafts. It was all very interesting. We also went to The Kiwi House in hope to see a few cute kiwi birds but they were playing shy and didn’t want come out for our enjoyment.

The next stop was at Huka Falls located about fifty minutes from Te Puia. Huka Falls is a thundering 11-metre high waterfall. The water is so clear and blue, it looked surreal. We walked around and snapped photos of the striking scenery.

A while later, we were scheduled to go sailing at Lake Taupō which is situated pretty much in the middle of the North Island. An electric yacht was our vessel for this adventure. We stepped on deck and sat with girls we’ve been hanging out with for the past few days. I (Kisa) was wearing my swimsuit, shorts and my hooded pullover puffy. The day started off sunny but as soon as we had set sail and finished munching on our pizza slices the weather had turned cool and stormy. It looked like we weren’t going to jump in the lake for a swim today. Instead, we shared stories, laughed and sang along to good tunes. With rain and water splashing everywhere, we sailed by the Mine Bay Maori Rock Carvings. Impressive and intricate carvings standing ten metres high above the water.




All in all, we were able to explore many different natural wonders, fill our brains with knowledge and a have a great time with our friends.


– Kisa + Sara




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