About us


Hi, Sara here! I am from a small village in southern British Columbia, Canada.  I’m an eighteen years old farm girl that loves being outdoors. I’ve played youth football (soccer) competitively for many years and been hiking, camping and adventuring for even more. Soon, I’ll be heading out to New Zealand and attempt to thru-hike Te Araroa trail. ‘TA’ for short. This is a 3000 km trail stretching through the North and South Island. I’m sharing this blog with my friend, Kisa who’s joining in the NZ fun and my sister, Zoé. Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures and travels!


Hey guys, my street name is jisakane but my birth mother chose the name Kisa as a suitable choice for teachers and other guys to call me. I’m turning 18 real soon and grew up in the streets of a wee little town. All through my high school career I destroyed the court in non-stop basketball action and other school sports but my main explosions of energy go to crushing bombs for my baseball team🤘🏽. If you’ve already read Sara’s bio you’d know we’re going hiking in NZ for about 5 months… guess we’ll see how well that goes. Here you can follow that adventure and other ones we will be taking. See you out on the trails, mah dudes!

Hello, my name is Zoé. I am currently in high school with a few years left. I live in a small farming community in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. My family owns a farm where we grow many different fruits and vegetables.  I’ve always had a deep connection with the outdoors and love to explore Earth’s beautiful creations. When I’m not busy in class, working on the farm or playing football (soccer), you’ll find me hiking, rock climbing, camping, fishing or hunting. Unfortunately, I won’t be going to New Zealand with Sara and Kisa, ugh!