October 27th, 2017

This was another interesting night for us. We are staying in an 8 bed all girls room and I (Sara) was on a bottom bunk. I’m pretty sure the girl on the top bunk, was sleep talking in German. She sounded like she might of been arguing. A second roommate was snoring surprisingly loud. I had never heard a woman snore like that before and there was another girl making weird noises with her 

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Sleep disturbance with a side of fish and chips


Day seven

October 26th, 2017

I couldn’t see much as my eyes were half asleep and my back end was still in the tent. On all fours, I shone my headlamp around but all I (Kisa) could see was my underwear swaying in the breeze. I thought maybe a bird had gotten caught in our clothes we had left outside to dry but the screeching sounds weren’t coming from there. It was 1am and the rumpus 

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Rainbow Falls in Kerikeri


Day six

October 25th, 2017

We met Andy at the bus stop this morning. We were all headed to Kerikeri at 8am to start the trail again. Once on the bus, Andy ranted about some other hiker that he had met on the Ninety Mile Beach. He was quite animated with his story and we were amused.

When we arrived in Kerikeri, we still had a full day ahead of us. We needed to get rid of our big packs and so we decided to trek down to Hone Heke Lodge, which was only 15 minutes from where the bus had dropped us off. We were told that this hostel was really good. Unfortunately, once we arrived, the owner informed us that the place was fully booked but he generously offered us a ride to Kerikeri Holiday Park. We accepted cheerfully. He also gave us 

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Changing plans – Ahipara to Kaitaia


Day five

October 24th, 2017

The first thing I did this morning was call my mom. I didn’t know what to do about my knee and ankle. Should I suck it up? Keep pushing it? I’ve had knee troubles in the past, mostly when playing soccer. I played through the pain. I played when I was sick, injured and sore. I am just way to competitive to be sitting on the sidelines. I have planned for this trip for several months. Reading blogs, watching videos, researching gear, mapping out the journey, stressing about the details but I had never thought of a plan B.

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Ninety Mile Beach… some more


Day four

October 23rd, 2017

Today sucked. It was cold and rained all day which resulted in us being thoroughly soaked. About two hours into our morning hike, my knee started to hurt again and I could barely walk. There was only 20km left to the end of the beach but couldn’t take the pain any longer. We stopped a couple driving on the beach and they kindly drove us to Ahipara Holiday Park, which marks the end of the beach section. It felt like cheating.

This place had cabins for hire (rent in nz) and wifi but we had arrived a couple of hours too early and the cabins weren’t ready for check-in. We decided to use their shower facilities while we waited for ours. Kisa found showers and interestingly enough, she informed me that they were for both genders. 

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Ninety Mile Beach continues


Day three

October 22nd, 2017

The next campsite, Hukatere Lodge/Utea Park, was 30km away. We looked at beach scenery all day. All 30 km… the exact same. The first 20 km went by fast as we talked the whole time and played 20 questions. There’s was also a bit of distraction on the beach, thank goodness. Many people were fishing and we saw a man catch a stingray.  As he was letting it go free he was being extremely careful not to get poked. We also met an American guy sporting ultralight gear. We chatted a bit and he told us that he had done two long distance thru-hikes in the United States and he was now taking on Te Araroa. He seemed somewhat

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